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We are pleased  to organize the first Poetry Film Competition in Austria, which is supported by public fundings.

The aim of the award is to encourage the production of poetry films expecially in Austria. Overall we are looking for experimental, profound, thought-provoking or funny literary short films : short films, that go under the skin and exert a lasting effect on the audience.

How to define a poetry film      

Whether abstract, classic, animation, narrative or cinematographic : the genre of poetry film is colorful and varied. There are also many definitions. The Scottish photographer and filmmaker Alistair Cook defined the poetry film recently with the following words: "‘A poetry film is… a single entwined entity, a melting, a cleaving together of words, sound and vision. It is an attempt to take a poem and present it through a medium that will create a new artwork, separate from the original poem.’ In contrast to the Anglo-American world, we accept all kinds of literary art works, that meet the predicate literary. It can be abstract sound poem or poetic prose or naughty poetry slam. Therefore we sometimes use the word "textfilm" as a synonym for the word "poetry film".


As an incentive for participants we made a poem ready in a studio recording for all to interested film makers to be used. The idea is to encourage talented people to start up with a poetry film and respond spontaneously by using the given recording. This special poem is
the text to be used for the  „ART VISUALS & POETRY SPECIAL AWARD". Selected  film art works will be presented in a special program during the ART VISUALS & POETRY Festival in November 2014. There´s a special challenge in this award. It is a prize within video arts only, because all the submitted works have exactly the same poem as base for their remixes and filmings.





English translation by Alexander Stillmark
Download File:

In view of the 100th Year of death of Georg Trakl and remembering the begin of the First World War 2014 we selected Georg Trakl's poem "Kaspar Hauser Song". The text is available for download as a challenging text for both prizes. The use of the poem is mandatory for all international submissions.

The main prize, the award " Textfilm Made ​​in Austria" is dedicated to Austrian residents or native filmmakers only. The second award, the "ART VISUALS & POETRY SPECIAL AWARD"  will be given in addition and is opened for international submissions.The best films from each category will be presented at the ART VISUALS & POETRY Film Festival in Vienna in November 2014. The competition will have four independent judges and is led by Sigrun Höllrigl and Hubert Sielecki. Both artists have produced international festival films in this genre. The other jury members will be announced soon.
Ferdinand Schmatz (Professor University of Applied  Arts Vienna)
Sigrun Höllrigl (Filme & Poesie, Festival directrice)
4youreye (Visual Arts)
Magdalena Knapp-Menzel (Grazer Autorenversammlung)
Dominik Tschütscher (Curator Cinema Next, Young Cinema Austria)

Hubert Sielecki (Film maker, ex-leader of the studio for trick film at University of Applied Arts Kunst, Vienna)

The award "TEXT FILM MADE IN AUSTRIA 2014" is endowed with a cash prize of 500 Euros (national wide). The "ART VISUALS & POETRY SPECIAL AWARD" (international) is the Special Jury prize for the best poem film based on a given poem and reading. This year it is the recording of the "Kaspar Hauser song". We currently do not have a sponsor for this Special Jury Award, but this might change, we try our best to find an additional sponsor for this international prize.
In addition the renowned Trakl society has created a prize for works in fine arts (video, photography, paintings, video installation)  about the late Georg Trakl. The "Caspar Hauser Song" has been created in 1913 and is the late Georg Trakl. This is good news and means:  all video works of the SPECIAL AWARD can also apply in Salzburg.The prize in Salzburg is endowed with a prize-money of 4000 Euros. Deadline is July 31, 2014.
Selected works will be presented during an exposition in the heart of the city of Salzburg from 19th of September until the  8th of November 2014. A catalog will follow the exposition.
Please note: Teambuilding, the cooperation with an Austrian artist is mandatory to apply.
The award of the Trakl society is an independant prize with an different jury. You have to fill in a different application form.
Please study the criteria and rules how to apply and send the the work:

Link to the original application form from the City of Salzburg
contact person
Dr. Dietgard Grimmer
Tel. 0662/8042-2099 oder 2149

Dr. Grimmer confirmed, that international teams with an Austrian artist are welcomed!
It is the same for us! You can apply to our main prize " TEXTFILM MADE IN AUSTRIA in cooperation with an Austrian artist.


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/ Conditions of Participation /  Guidelines & Rules /
Deadline for entries  30th of
September 2014

For a successful participation these rules need to be followed:
- The submitted literary short film or poetry film has a length of 2.5 - max. 10 minutes and is based on a literary short text or poem.
- The main prize will be awarded nationally. The film maker or director is either born in Austria or lives in Austria. Further international collaborations (composer / writer) in the team are welcomed. The second award, the " ART VISUALS & POETRY SPECIAL AWARD is opened to international submissions. Mandatory for this 2nd international prize, the "SPECIAL AWARD" is the use of the provided poem and sound recording " Kaspar Hauser Lied". All international submissions have to use this recording.
Kaspar Hauser Lied: Download/wav File
- ART VISUALS & POETRY is granted the right to present the films in the context of the competition to a public audience
- NEW: The following online form and copyright declaration arrives in time. Deadline is September 30, 2014
- Beside the entry form we need access to your film for evaluation. We prefer a sighting via internet link (password protected, vimeo, You Tube). You can also submit your poetry movie via www.wetransfer.com or by mail. If you choose post transfer please send us the final screening version of your film stored as mov. file on DVD or stored on a USB stick. For organizational reasons we can not return any submitted art work. But you can pick up the sticks directly during the festival in Vienna.
- The screening version of the selected art work must arrive at least 10 days bevor the begin of the festival.
-SCREENING FORMAT:  We only accept films in the following format: mov. File, H264, Sound uncompressed, 48 000 kHz, 16 bit.

Voluntary in addition: Please send us more information about you and the art work
such as a synopsis, short biography, a portrait photo and a still of the movie (>500 KB).

NEW! Link to the Subscription & Copyright Online form

Postal address
1030 Vienna
Successful submissions will be confirmed via e-mail.
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We are looking forward to your films!
kind regards & good luck

Sigrun Höllrigl
ART VISUALS & POETRY Festival festival directrice


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Open call: Send Trakl films to the Bristol screenings


Theme of the Bristol Poetry film screenings " Liberated Words!  and its open call  is "Memory". Bristol Poetry Film Festival is supporting commemorative events for the 1914–18 war and will also be hosting a panel discussion on the legacy of Dada and Surrealism in poetry film today.

Trakl was one of the single visionaries of the First World War. Send your Trakl movies to Bristol!
Call for entries, submission forms here:


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NEW Online form for poetry film competition

For competition entries!

To make film entries easier and reduce paper work we have created an new online form for the copyright declaration.

We are looking forward to your films!

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English translation online!

People !
The english translation of the competition poem "Kaspar Hauser Lied" is online. The professor Alexander Stillmark supports poetry film making and the Austrian poetry film competiton with his English translation of " Kaspar Hauser Song".
The text is licensed for the non-commercial use (prizes, incomes, less than 3000 Euros see our fair use conventions)  in  poetry films only, either subtitles or synchronizations.
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News re the international competition 2014

Hi to all!

Important news for all competitors of the international competition: I will provide you by End of May with a copyright free, literary translations of Georg Trakl´s "Kaspar Hauser Song", which is subject to the international poetry film competition 2014.

It  enables you to send the poetry film to all other international film festivals after the Viennese festival.

kind regards

Sigrun Höllrigl
Festival directrice